Thursday, April 16, 2009

i need my friends back.

everthings different now days. The friends are different,my life is different. its actually hard to describe the changes thats taking place,but its changing.

its been quite long since i last posted up anyting,rite? so like,i dont know why i kinda wanna write shit rite, it goes..

my life is changing,i realize is now. friends falling apart. friends changing. its no fun anymore like it used to be. one thing is for sure,working at Rasamas,with me,bulat,farek,adi n got us rely did.n i so fcking regret resigning so early ! why the fuk did i do that for !
NO !
if we stayed working,we would still be hanging out.we would still be laughing during work !
i we stayed working,Arham would come hangout with us everytime he finshd work ! he would drop by then waited for us to finish n then have a quick drink at the bistro ! we wuld still b tite like b4 !
then we all wuld still b skipping work toghter ! PONTENG PUN SKALI !!
FCUK !!!
and evrytime we finshd work,we would hangout at areps kdai makan,or infront of bulats house,or anywhre !! but...togheter..
but wat happnd now??
haha..sume dh lain kn?
farek is quite,ur like completly diffrnt,dude i miss the old u !
we went to ur house,we wantd to laugh,but it was diffrnt,u were diffrnt dude.tell me y?
is it me? is it us?
even though u say its nothing,i know its somting !rite?
arham......ur quite aswell....wats up? hows life ? hows work?
damn !
then adi...adi's gone,he left..
u went back to puchong,then evrything went diffrnt.i dont know,mayb u do bring us all togther. but wit u gone,our days arent the same. i dont know wat to say rely,i mean..i dont know how to say it..its like we're falling apart..
uve chnged number,u havnt been online in ages !
i know,ur intrnt is fuckd..
tp...aaahhh..miss u dude...
arep n bulat,yall alrite..i mean,i still get to hangout wit yall,mayb cs we're in the neighbrhood kn? but...i feel it,u guys are chnging as well .or mayb its juz my feelings....

look,in a couple of months from now..we're gone rite..dffrnt places.atleast lets enjoy the time we got rite now. !
arep's gonna go to uniten,rite? in PAHANG !
then me,adi n arham got offered the same uitm place.melaka.
well,,i hope i get in..n i hope u two will get in as well...
arham intrviewd for mass com,adi for art n for me,tesl.

when was the last time we all hung out together? i cant rely rmember..
if we went out,there wuld be like 2 or 3 of us missing.rite??
for once dudes,lets hangout toghter..
we planed on goin to genting,langkawi n shit,but it never happnd !pft.
i need you guys.
i need my frends back.
the old frends.
the old FAREK. the old ARHAM. the old ADI. the old AREP.and the old BULAT !!
i know,mayb i am diffrnt,im not tat good a fren.ive done bad sorry.i am..
but i need yall with me..


Leeya,dont love for you is still here =D
you're one of the reasons that i wake up with a big smile on my face. this week's been quite for fun for us,kn? =D
a lot of time we spent hanging out,alamanda..putrajaya..ur place..=D
even though some days ur really busy with school work,at night uve got tuition classes, i understand.=D
no matter what u do,where u are,who ure with..i always have faith n trust in =D
oh yeah..for yall information,me n leeya our 13th months togther now !=P

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