Sunday, August 9, 2009

ape title for this post eh?

hahaha feels so weird wei updating my blog,since dh brapa lama x update !
to tell u the truth,i feel reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mlas kut haha
tp dh TERPAKSA !

basically today,woke up agak late,didnt even have brkfast n lunch.haha
then at 3 sumting pegi ftsal wei !haha this mmg nk main btul la,cs the last time pegi,didnt even really play.went playin pool and karoke-ing hahaha
otw tu,trserempak with sya faith and the lot la lol
then baru taw sya's matrix card hilang,with her atm card and ic.
haih,kiddo ! ape jadiii ni,mane u ltak hahah
but then she txt,dh jumpe dh.luckly ! haha

so then after arriving kt ftsal place,drop the others.
then me n apek pegi ambik fais n tina kt dp,then ustad kt mc.
sumpah traffic cm babi kut haha
tp cs of the traffic jam,bnyk la hotties,white girls me n apek dpt usha hhaha
xle bla !
smpai ftsal place,agak lmbt.the others dh main dh..
i played two games jer,tp ok !
scored 4 goals hahahaa
bangga !
then things got outta hand.stuff happend.

balik tu minum2 wit the guys kt pinang bsar.
then lepak dpan uitm plak,shisha hahahaha
oh btw !
then jumpe abg sedara madi,we talked bussiness mayneee hahaha

now on9.update this blog.
tu je.
sorry xde mood lagi nk buat my post's intersting lol haha

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