Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Fliibertigibbet's

wondering what the hell ' The Flibbertigibbet's ' are ?
well, a 'flibbertigibbet' is a silly, gossipy person. got that from the dictionary.
correct me if im wrong.
so basically that is a quite big word yet almost accurate in letting you know who we are =)

so,right here, i would like to say a couple of things before i leave for uitm,which is tomorrow.
im sorry for being such a dick,bastard,celaka,fucker,buto..hhahahaha.or watever it is i am.
im sorry dudes =)
forgive me,and all my mistakes.
all that ive done,is truly who i am.
so if its bad or good,its still who i am.
being with you all for the last 2 and a half years was a BOMB !
serious shit..i didnt ever think i would be such an active person like who i am now.
i proudly say i aint matured yet ! hahaha
and so are u guys doww..
theres too much sweet n bitter memories between us.
the fights we fought. how we backed each other up no matter what.
too much.

take care of yourself aite. try NOT to be so sad all the time. and i mean it !
cheer up brotha !
uve still got years ahead of u,dont be regretfull of anyting.
u wanna join OIAM ? haha.go for it !
u win,u get a money.its split between us.aite?haha
you a lot of my secrets,thats hot important and trustfull i am towards you..
dont let no body push u around,ur tougher then u look.
dont let no body stand in ur way,fite back..
btw,aku impressed and proud of you dow.cekap bwk manual dh.haha
si telinga capang ! si cur....err....nothing ! aint suppose to say it in public.
yall know what i mean rite?hahaha
u gotta stay the way you are now. i gotta admit something dow..
even tho ive known u quite lonnggg...
ur still quite mysterious to me,its hard to say why.but you are.haha
we've been a team since the day we started school. then neighbors.
to team mates.haha
we've been through a lot !
oh yeah,take care of my xmen dvd's maynee ! ill want em back when i get home.haha
keep collecting those psp games,we still gotta trade each other for games.

my 'dark side' my friend.haha.
my heavy metal, death metal friend ! haaha
thanks a lot for everything. all the rides to school,to work.
counter strike-ing together.haha
its been a blast !
eventhough aku still bengang cs kau xd kuar ngan aku lngsng g kl ke apeeee.haha
tp still,uve made up by hanging wit me at the bistro,cc,karaoke and ftsal.haha
my nigger ! haha
hows life dude? hows matrix?
missing us brothers back in nilai?
cs we sure are...haha
look im going as well,further then u !haha
but that dont mean we gotta break this frenship we got,we still meet up =)
bistro,wathing football.haha
btw,sorry for causing you lotta trouble,ejek2 kau..seriously sorry..
i wanna stop,but 'that' kid keep tempting me in for more ! haha
u know who? =P
so keep in touch,n keep that love of yours horny wei !hahaha
xdee aaaa .saje jeee.haha
sorry again

ok,the famous and legendary Fikri.haha
the one and only 'HOTSTUFF' in the groupp.haha
the clown that makes us laugh all the time...
the one that brightens up everyones day..
oh,no2..u bright up our day,but not the guy ur teasing and dissing.haha
u deserve to be called 'King Flibbertigibbet' hahahahaha
thanks for everything wei,aku syg gile kt kau !
after this i aint gonna bother u.haha
u can go jog or jerk off anytime now !
theres no 'zet' to come buzzing of ur house anymore.haha
you brotha,no matter how 'Hot' you,please im begging you !
dont turn ur back on me,on us !
ur too valuable to be lost.same goes to all of yall !
dont got no where dude.stay with us.

even tho at the last minute we got close,uve still been a lot of fun to be with dow.serious shit !
even though kau kene bahan ngan bulat bnyk,kau still stayed strong and tough !
i respect ya ! haha
next time,we'll hangout again.jgn x ikut wei !
kau penting !
in a lotttt of ways.hahahha

btw.sorry for the nigger slang that i write
dh terbiasa dow=)


  1. ak xtau nak cakap ape r zet.

    gudluck tuk kau.


  2. take care dude.

    gonna miss u.

  3. aku rasa nak nangis ar........
    gudluck la zet....

  4. weh!nanti kt LENDUUU cari game untuk aku!haha.

  5. fck ar ariff!haha
    xde wish aku ape2 pun dow kau.pegi mati ar game3!haha

  6. best of luck 4 u dude.
    sori, dah TERlambat sgt nk wish kauu.