Friday, May 15, 2009

kemaluan besar ! lol =P

5.30 !

where the hell is pdil wei? thought he was gonna come pick me at tbun.ape lagi kn,CounterStrike la !haha
so i sent him a comment on myspace,oh yes.that dude was apparently online.haha
then he replied, saying that he had trouble with transportation and all..
kete rosak kut..
so i said,all right.ill just go with bulat n meet u guys there.aite? haha

so the journey continues..........

around 6.30,we arrived at tbun. no sign of them dudes. called arham. he was still home,waiting for pdil. so xpe,kite tunggu la jap..
then my mistake, atika was there..we talked..bla bla bla..
haha,even she was surprised how i got in uitm.hahaha.
well,rezeki aku laa kut =P

then we headed for al-salam.i ordered blended chocalate while bulat ordered blended mango.haha
once in a while,u gotta act rich mayne ! ceh !haha
then we saw my neigbor uncle tahir n auntie balqys(beckham n buntal's parents) and safwan(their lil brother) haha
bulat was like a bit blurr.he wanted to sit next to their table..
i was like "nak gak duk situ an.haha"
then he just realised who they were.haha.same old bulat.

the thing is..........
i was sitting facing their table,and i could of sworn that auntie n uncle was facing us and smiling.haha
at times i was like smiling back,yet i didnt seem to get any reply a nod or sumting.haha
then they kept on lookin,smiling.haha
i got a bit annoyed and malu gak la kn =P
so i told bulat that they were looking,bulat turned back to look then he smiled at safwan.hahhaha
then safwan acted like he didnt see ! haha
then all of the sudden the table beside us was like "heyy !...."
aaaarghhhh !hahha
fucker !
malu giler siallll...
we thought that they were looking at us,but...hahahah..celaka !!

me and bulat controlled the embarassmett for a couple of seconds,then we burst into laughter.hah
we laughed so hard,so fucking loud maynneeee !hahah
that was embarassing dow...

so after that,we went back home.
as i step through the inside of the house.
my phone rang " all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom,all the girls standing in th..."
it was arham..he said they just arrived tbun,where the fuck are we?hahaha
i said, " baru smpai dow !"
i wanted to go back,but i aint got no transportationnnn...
asking bulat to go back ?
i gave it a secong thought..
its like im bosing him,maghrib.he probably couldnt go out at maghrib.
even if my parents were home,they wouldnt let me out when its maghrib.
hahha.lpas maghrib bole...
so i wanted them.pdil or arham or whoever to pick me up..
but,no answer.hahhah
xpe2 !

pdil,i undrstand..ur chicken,afraid of the KING OF COUNTER STRIKE rite here.haha
(padahal im shitty,and he's like the god of war !)haha

the end.


  1. hahahha, good one, oh korang, chaiyok cs, :)

  2. haha.
    sian kau.
    bkan aku tanak amek doww
    aku ta reti bwk amer punye keta.
    besa gila kott

  3. panjang gila.
    malas nak bace.
    saje je nk comment.haha.
    ohhh.. kalau suh wat essay malas.
    blogging rajen lak.
    well done! ;)