Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a thirst for blood ? dow ?

im always thirsty these days dow. its like every single minute i need a cold drink beside me dow.
serious shit dow. thats how fcking hot malaysia is dow.
siot dow.
i just drank a bottle of cold ice lemon tea dow,then 2 cans of root beer dow.
followed by a couple of sips of water dow.
its cold drinks,its nice dow !
but the thirst is still there,dow !
shit dow, i tink its a different thirst im having dow !
A THIRST OF BLOOD ,dow !haha
aku dh mengarut apa ni,dow !
if so,i dont remember getting bitten by a vampire dow !
im bored dow !
im thirsty , and these 'nyamuks' are getting on my nerve dow !
you fuckin filthy lil creatureess ! errr,dow !!
too many 'dows' eh ? hahaha.like i give a shit.....