Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my one and only

you're the reason im the man i am now.
you're the reason im strong.
you're full of patience.
you're full of love and laughter.
i wouldn't trade u in for nothing
you're want i want, and what i need.
you complete me, you do.
you make my life so colorful and challenging.
i won your heart, now its the toughest challenge.
keeping it.
i want you the way you are now.
i never want you to change,ok?
you're beautiful.
you're sweet.
you're everything that nice.
and neat.
you're my everything.
you're my world.
loving you for more then a year now has been the most lovable gift ive ever been given.
dont nobody dare take that away from me !
i trust you with all my heart.
i love you the fullest.
and you're my one and only.


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