Friday, May 22, 2009

my girl.

my girl.

Nur Liyana Amera Mazlan. the first girl that has ever given me so much love. appreciated me. trusted me. you've stolen my heart. and its forever yours.

since early last year,u have loved me non stop.
i myself,aint that perfect. im not that kind. not that adorable. not that hot.
everything thats nice, im simply not.
but you.
you're perfect.
the way you smile and the way u talk.
the way u giggle and the way walk.
the way ur mouth is when ur sad.
the way you hold me tight when ur feeling bad.
you. you. you.
theres just too much to say about you !
and non of it is negative.

baby,i really hope this sweet and unbreakable relationship will maintain and stay strong.
baby,i apologize for everything ive done to you.and i mean EVERYTHING.
i have to admit,im crying.
i cant stop these tears from dripping out.
they just keep flowing out and out.
you to me are everything !
youre the stars that brighten my night.
you make me smile and laugh like im some kind of freak !
but inside,only i know that its your love thats making me feel so.....amazing.
ur amazing !

i sayang you dari mula.
till now.
and forever.

i called you,i cried.
i couldnt stop.
i didnt care how it made me sound like..
i dont !
i want you to know that this heart inside of me,is urs for the taking..

"jangan kau bimbang sayang,
dimana ku berada,
dengan siapa ku bersama,
jangan bimbang,
ku tetap kau yg punya."

those lyrics are just quite simple to get rite?
syg,trust me ok =)
like i trust you..

"i dont wanna close my eyes,
i dont wanna fall asleep,
cause i miss you baby,
and i dont wanna miss a thing."
those are the lyrics which tell you how i feel rite now.
i dont wanna sleep. i dont wanna go.
i just wanna stay here,the way i am rite now.home.
i just wanna be with u laa !
thats it !
with u !