Sunday, May 17, 2009

noe's tagg

What is your nickname?

zet.tu jee

Your mum calls you by this name...

faris azizi

You are closer to your mother or father?


Your siblings calls you by this name...

abg,oi,babi !

You have someone special (bf/gf) in your heart.(Y/N)

yeshhh !

List down 3 of your good behaviours.

i.baca bismillah 21 kali before tidur.

ii. dngr ckp mama.

iii. ape lagi....haha

List down 3 of your bad behaviours.

i. i make my parents sad too much

ii. make her sad as well

iii. aku jahat !

What is your favourite past times? Give 2.

i. breaking the ceiling of the class 4sn on 2007.haha.

ii. panjat bumbung skolah smkts !haha

Your favourite colours are? Give 5.

i. hitam

ii. putih

iii. purple

iv. grey

v. brown

Song of your life is?

aslyn - thats when i love you.bnyk lagi kut ! bnyk !

Name one person you admire the most.

leeyaa laa !and my mom !

Name one of your ex (nickname is allowed)

one of my ex ? Sophie Colmer.wuhuuu.hahaha

The worst word/phrase cursed by you.

"you one balled bastard ! "

Who is the one you miss the most now?

Leeya !

Who is the one who ignores you most of the time?

boron !haha

Who is the one who always keep you company?

Leeyaa !

Name the model of your phone.

k750i and nokia ape ntah.haha

Name the model of your laptop.

fuyoo ! haha..VAIO VGN-NS25G haha

Name one person you hate the most.


Name the person you love the most.

Nur Liyana Amera Mazlan

The situation you hate the most.

there was once. arep taw ! haha.ingt x arep?haha

One word describing yourself.


What are you thinking now?

nk berak !

Classifies your friends as follows.

clever : asya

naughty : leeya

hardworking : farik

funny : bulat

sweet : leeya

unpredictable : adi

mysterious : tony mafia.haha

kind : leeya

caring : leeya

handsome : arep ! padahal nk ckp aku.haha

beautiful : leeya

cute : leeya

wild : owwh.leeyaa ! =P haha

big : haha.bulat?haha

small : me

If you're asked to shout, what will it be?

maaa ! jom anta faris KTM!

tagg for ?

frankie foo !
adiba diba !
kak yang !
ashraf !
arep !
bulat !
fara !
farik !