Thursday, May 21, 2009

my blood

its been 18 years now. you guys have given everything to me. provided me everything. from food to shelter. from shelter to knowledge. from knowledge to LOVE. and it goes on and on without stopping. since i was a a little kid growing up,u guys have shown me n given me so much love. you told me i was the greatest there is. u guys told me how clever i am even though im not. u guys told me how adorable i looked when i was growing up. how easy it was raising me. i just..aaaaaaaaa... dont know how to say it in words. but i really appreciate everything ive been given. now,its my time to live on my own. i hope you all will trust me and support me =) ok? mama, ur the best mom there is. ur everything a son could ever dream of having. uve given me so much support from the beginning. u told me never to give up. u told me u love me,and i believe you. cause i do to.. i love you. please forgive me for everything ive done. ive caused u a lot of trouble. ive done so many things to hurt you,yet..uve always stayed by my side. thanks mama. i swear ill take care of myself. ill pray for you,ill try to be a better person. dont you worry ok? im always here.always for you. u know ive always have your back in anything. nobody can ever replace u,i swear to God that i really LOVE YOU ! abah, faris minta maaf. i know even though u have been strict to me since i was young,deep inside of you,i know that u love me. that u love this family so much. ur trying so hard to support this family. u being strict have always been the main reason why i am,the person i am now. why im strong inside.mentally and physically. thank you. afiq and wahida, korang jgn nakal ! korang help mama n abah around the house when im not around.ok? study ! jgn buat mama n abah mara taw? dont be stubborn like i am !dont !