Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the journey to....

to where ?

alotta places actually. haha.
u'll find out by reading this entry..aite?

here we go.....
we planned on sunday to go out,since its my last week as an unemployed,jobless yet with a quite bright future i can say . haha
bulat wanted to go to the library. the library next to Dataran Merdeka. i dont remember the formal name for it tho.sorry.haha
then i wanted to go shop some stuff for uitm. bag,shirts etc.
but i actually planned to go shop for these things with Leeya,but then..she's got mid year exams..night tuitions...
so..babe,sorry sngt2..i know how terribly sad u are..i know,im super duper sorry sayangg....
next time we'll go out alrite? i promise.. =)
so anyway,arep didnt join,last2 minute he's dad asked him to drive him to the hospital.no biggies dude,uve got other important things..
in arham case..haha,a big case realy..he's got the chicken pox ! lol

so,it was again..bulat adi and me !
we went early,cs bulat went to kl with his dad,which means he's been there since like 7am.haha
so then on the train me and adi was like super active for a normal human being on a early monday morning.haha
there was this lil indian kid infront of us,quite cute.he was like bulat dow.haha
he kept on staringgggggggg..haha
alotta shit happnd,but one of the dumbest shit was when bulat txt me sayin 'kau ktne?'
adi reply by txting suming bout 'celah bedah' hahhaha..
adi xtaw pun bedah was bulat's moms name/hahaha
i could feel how pissed he was waitng at kl cntral and being dissed.hahahaha
then we met at kl cntral...
to lazy to write too detailed.haha

then we had an early lunch or was it a late breakfst?haha
u know that mamak stall under the monorail,yeah?
we had lunch there.haha
there was two stalls there,beside each other,and they were tryna win us by getting us in their stall..
i couldnt care less,wtf ! mane yg dkat aku pegi je la kn.haha
but then...that closest stall was like super shitty kut,the guy that took out order was quite funny yet annoying .haha
his face came to close to us taw? 'makan ape adik?...'
hahaha,he reminded me and bulat bout of those american football coaches.hahah
i dont rely know how to explain it,but..there it is..haha
then he said there wasnt any 'maggi goreng' me and adi was about to leave the stall,grabbing bulat beg already..then that guy came back..
saying 'nk megi goreng ke?'
wtf ! ckp cm bdo la kau ! hahaha
so then we ordered meggi goreng kosong,without sayur.haha
FYI : im alergic to sayur !
but then the meal came..
WITH sayur..bdo jer ! fck jer...
aaaa,was to nice to complain.haha
ate it,but picked the veggies out frst.lol

then headed to t.square..
was gonna search for shirts,begs and watever..
we went in metrojaya,cs adi said there were some nice ties there..
uh...he's a fake ! there aint no nice tie's,there were all like big and fat ties.haha
then we found this lil store selling those so called 'skinny ties's' for rm5 a piece..
ill take two ! =P
then we went store by store..literally saying btw..
there was one store selling shirts,but none of them was nice..so,next !
then went in ed n edd..did i spell it rite?dunoo..
i wanted to get that tshirt i saw with leeya wen we went out,a pink floyd tshrt bai!haha
but ,no sign of it..so there was there tshrts..bob dylan n sape yg tshirt ntah..
quite cool,me n adi tried it out..ouh!it was nice.. !hahha
but then i said,we'll come back later wen i hav extra money after getting other important stuffs frst..if i had the money after...hahah

then adi wore a bag he bought from petaling street,i looked quite cool dow ! =P
so decided to get one there..
we walked all the way from ts to petaling street..
then we found this stall selling an oakley beg,i asked how much.he said rm100 summing,couldnt remember how much exactly..but then bulat started bargaining..haha..and we tried threating him by leaving the stall.haha
then he got to the lowest price maynneee...rm60 !haha
but i said,'tngok tmpt lain dulu ar'
then i ended up buying the same beg as adi,but for rm5 lesser then he's.hahaha

then we went to cm,but stoped to get summin to eat at a mamak near cm..
only me n bulat ate,both of us had the same blended mango.hahaha
then arep called me,asking me where we were..
he just got back from the hosptal,so we told him 'dtg ar sini dow !'
but he had his fucking lame excuses.haha
one of em...
"aku xpndai ar sorang naik ktm."
arrrgh ! FCK YOU MATE !hahaha
then we went in cm,bulat wanted to look at the painting at art booths there..
he was amazed..so was i dude !
the art and paintng was amazing..
and i wonder,why these talented artist cant make a living out of it..i mean..
bulat talked to one of the pakcik's there..he told us quite sad and heartbreaking stories,it affected bulat alot..hahahahaha

then we headed to dataran merdeka,hung out at the library..all bulats idea btw !haha
but the library was peacefull,i liked it...
i,myself..an tesl student,i need to develop that reading habbit dow..
adi n bulat read those arcithecturing books.
me? dun ask..i was quite blurr myself at that time..
one dumb rule bout the library was that,u had to wear shoes to get in..
quite dumb dont u tink..
well,its my opininion..
then we hung out at the dataran..
one dumb incident happnd.haha
there was 3 white guys playin football behinf us,then one of the guys kicked the ball at us..
so bulat pun,ape lagi..
he kicked back,hard.hahaha
the guy went 'yeheeiiii' hahahaa
but then,haha..
bulats left selipar went tearing apart.hahaha
bulat was like 'pantat kau white boy' !hahahaha

we had to walk all the way back to cm to get hi selipars..
poor him, he had to walk with one feet uncovered..
or he had to the selipars in order not to let the selipars away from his feet.haha

then we headed back times square,i wanted that tshrt.but then luckly,i found a store with quite nice shirts..
i bought one,but..hurm..found out that adi didnt like the shirt i got..er...
biar ar ! fck off laa !hahaha
so,i made up my mind to not get that tshrt cs i needed to buy myself some collared tshrts for uitm..
so then we headed home,but stopped byt midvalley..
i needed to buy some collared tshirts,and bulat wanted to take a look at those onitsuka sneaks..
i bougt my collared tshrt at padini,got 2 of em..
bulat said some stuff..mengejek ar...
that made adi upset ! MERAJOK !
for real...hahahaha
he was rely upset,he left but we followed him tho...
then bulat said sorry,he was playing around..
we headed back home then..
on the train..
in front of us,their was one old lady..eating or chewing on sumting..
then to the left of her mouth,,that thing she chewed on was like coming out..
it was like errrr...white...errr...wet....errere...
wait ! hahaha
white? wet?
wtf,that sounded quite funny alrite,some of u might undrstand wat it is im talking bout.hahahahah
anyway,bulat was fucking dumb,talking too loud to me and adi bout that old lady,i laughed the hell out !hahahah
then another old man to the left ,he was asleep..
with his ultra glowed out yellow shirt..with his super hot ,blut hotpants.haha
his mouth was like moving to the left,moving upp..
aahhhm,i cant explain it.hhahaha
ade lagi sorang ni,awek bajet hot !hahahahaha
she was like big rite,but wearing too tight clothes.hahha
with her bright pink tights.hahhaha
oh Godd...help !

well ! there u got people =)
the journey of 3 nilai dudes...

btw ! bnyk sngt aku left out dow !
like dari awal smpai balik aku n adi bahan bulat dow !haha
for the frst time,kene kn die...

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  1. haha.aku suka.pandai kau bercerita!


  2. ahhaha, nice one there weyh, 3 nilai dudes huh? xleh bla, fyi sethiap awi isnen and jhumaat adela awi formal, so kine pakai slack and kemeje ya, uitm aku camtuh, melake tak tawu la plak, and and and, part 1 student wajeb masok koko, pileh antare lime: brass band (pancaragam), bomba, kesatria (kawad), jpa, dan pbc (lebe kurang pbsm), aku syorkan kalo ko jenis tak suke bejemo silame 3 sem, masokla kesatria, kalo minat muzek masok brass band, meweka glamor, tapee kine tahann 3 sem ar, :)